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Zheng Fengxian is a worker and her husband Xu Mingtong is an electrician. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Eighteen female migrant workers donned period costumes and visited the photo studio with their husbands as part of a company event to celebrate the upcoming International Women"s Day on March 8.

Organized by the East China branch of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co, the event gathered couples working across the company"s different departments, including electricians, cooks, crane drivers and construction laborers. Most of them have never been to a photo studio to have their portraits taken before.

"We didn"t take wedding photos when we tied the knot because of financial problems," said Zheng Fengxian, a worker from the company. "After having a child, I had to take care of the family and work. We had no time or energy for such activities," she added.

Dong Zhanli, another female worker, said that being able to have her portrait taken was a beautiful moment in her life.

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